"Grow Yourself Complete"

Embrace What Is

I embrace today as it is…

I embrace today as it is…

I embrace today as it is…

This, today, is living.   This is life.  There is nothing more; nothing less.

Right now, with this very breath, we are all living.  May we STOP for a few breaths and feel ‘life’.

It may not feel full of ease.  It may feel wonderful.   It may be horrible.  It may feel like heaven.  It may feel like nothing at all.

Whatever you are involved in; whatever you are doing; whatever you are feeling… May you embrace your life.

As we embrace our lives, we know acceptance.  We may know forgiveness.  We may know fear.  We may know nothing.  Some of us may think we know it all.  Ha!

However, to be with the flow instead of against it.   To go with the grain instead of against the grain.  To embrace our lives instead of not accepting it as is….   it just may be easier.   It just may allow for the truth of what is and everything that life is offering us and presenting to us will be seen…  It just may be for our highest good to do so.  It just may be in perfect timing.  It just may be a part of the beautiful tapestry that is our overall life.

I have heard it be said that life is like a tapestry.  On this side we see the knots, the loose strings, the unevenness, the unclear picture.  However, after we die, we see the beautiful picture that was our human life.

May you embrace your tapestry being created just as it is presented to you and in the truth of what you know, feel and are.  May you believe that you are in the midst of a most magical, miraculous; most awesome picture making moment of your life.