"Grow Yourself Complete"

‘Elephants’ and Explosions

All the ‘elephant(s) in the room’ have no room left to sit quietly.  Perhaps, it is a good idea for the ‘elephant in the room’ to no longer be ignored.

What was is changing to what will be and this what is now is pretty explosive from my viewpoint.  Luckily, my explosions are quiet as in coming from love and colorful like fireworks.  There is tenderness and underneath these explosions, I feel a sense of ‘finally we are going here’; facing what I had resisted facing.

Our greatest fears are being realized in a sort of ignited fashion.  Turmoil and chaos reigns if we see it as so.

I see it as so.   I also see it as necessary ‘movement’ to enable the undercurrent of each of our lives to connect and allow the spark of each of our own truth to blend together in the greatest light of all time.

To just be ourselves and encourage and support others to do the same.  To face what we have resisted and to share it with the people that can help us do something about it; the people that are involved in these feelings.  To come from love and share the bitterness, mistrust, fear and confusion inside of one’s self.

This is the elephant in the room exploding into nothingness that no longer has power over any of us.

How free and easy we would feel without these elephants weighing on our shoulders.  How wonderful it will be to allow these elephants to roam free as energy that can be picked up and used as positive healing, flowing energy.

May you send love to your ‘elephant(s)’ and may you come from love as you share your truest of thoughts and may you allow the elephant to roam away as you create a wide open space filled with love and connectedness.  Be open to all possibilities that are inside of you to live out.

   Iyanla VanZant, Facebook