"Grow Yourself Complete"

Eeek Bleak

The weather outside is bleak.  It is dark, heavy and we are having a beautiful thunderstorm.  I can say beautiful thunderstorm now as my two dogs that are here with me are not afraid and they do not hide and whimper from the storms.  Once upon a time, my Durby dog did run to the closet and shake the whole time the storm was above us.  Even when the thunder was in the distance, Durby would be unhappy.  That was not fun and I feel for you who have dogs and/or animals or who even themselves may not like storms too much.  I understand that they have vests that can now be purchased for dogs to help lessen their anxiety.  It would be wonderful if they did work.

May you give yourself what you need to weather any storm. It has been said that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.   I wish for you to dance in the rain to the best of your ability.  I believe we are born with everything we need inside of us to walk through our life for its lifetime.

While the weather outside is heavy, the feeling of heaviness is within me as well.  Some moments are just like this.  It is a part of this being human experience.

We could say that it is a healing time; a transition time or just that we can’t always be ‘up’ and ‘happy’.  There are times in everyone’s life where bleakness occurs.  The good news is that it always does pass and the way we feel never stays 100% the same.

Opening to and being truthful in how we feel is one of the greatest paths that we can choose.  Instead of fighting what is as we accept it in this moment, it changes.  It feels easier.  It opens us up to better ways and better moments.

So, when you find yourself surrounded in bleakness, just know that ‘this too shall pass’.  You are still awesome.  You are still love(d).

May you ‘Just Be U’ and experience what shows itself to experience.  

May you stay calm, cool and collected to the best of your ability within any and all powerful emotions.  Sometimes, just stopping to breathe helps.

Emote on.  It is part of what we are here to do, perhaps…

May each of us be open to writing our own story from deep within out.  May we believe in the power of self.  May we support each other to do the same.