"Grow Yourself Complete"

Dream Big

Life will always have its ups and downs, ins and outs, over and under.  It is what we do with it all that matters and affects us the most.

Today, as you sit here reading this, you are Living Your Life.  This is what living life is.

We participate in holidays, goals, restlessness and restfulness.  We experience what flows through us.  We think through much of what we are experiencing.  We share.  We hide.

I was once taught that we think a certain amount of thoughts each day.  And, within these thoughts, we rethink more than 3/4 of them again and again and again.

I’d like to offer for us all to Dream Big.  Think Big.  Perhaps, the biggest and ‘dreamiest’ we ever have.

I’d like to offer that THIS is life.  THIS is living.

We will always know wonder.  We will always have questions.  We will always experience greatness.  We will always experience loss.  This is living the human life.
We are all doing it.  We are all experiencing it.

I’d like to offer that as we embrace, allow, feel, decipher, and be with what is, we ARE living.

It is supposed to be a roller coaster ride.  It is supposed to hurt.  It is supposed to challenge and grow us.  It is supposed to give us some of the greatest ‘gifts’ we will ever know.

As we allow the roller coaster; the pain, the challenges and the growth, we can experience it all as gifts.  Gifts for our greatest experience in our human form.

So, I’d like to offer you to Dream Big.  Dream that you will, can and do experience all that life has in store for You.  Dream that you are ready and willing believing that it is all for your greatest experience here; your greatest growth.

Dream Big that you are okay even when you do not feel so.  Dream Big that you will always be okay with whatever comes your way.  Dream Big and trust that what does come your way, you can still choose love.  Dream Big, that as you walk the paths that arise and that you choose (and do not choose), you are walking your best self through your best experiences as only you can.  You, in all your uniqueness, is what benefits this world; is what grows our world.

Dream Big that by just being everything that you are, feel, know, believe, love, hate, experience and process through — you are living you …  And, this is what you came to this world to do.

The good news is that you have everything inside of you to do this.  How perfect is this!

May you “Just 9Be U”.  May you ‘grow yourself complete’.

May you live from the depth and truth of who you are.  May you know your purpose is just this… May you allow everything you experience and are/become to stem from this.

May I offer this as a possibility, an option, a way of life…