"Grow Yourself Complete"

Dizzy with Excitement

I am here feeling dizzy, excited, uncertain, certain and many things all around.

I’m feeling the Universe sending many new paths, unknown and unchartered, for us all to travel; if we choose.  I’m feeling my family, my relationships, my every day being changing to a more truthful and ultimate way of life.  Connections, dreams, inner knowing are all coming into a brighter light – a new portal or doorway.

As I sit on my big chair staring at the walls, I realize that what I’m thinking and feeling is literally happening in my life as well.  As I’m sitting in quietude, I hear the contractor sawing, hammering, knocking and I smell the burning of wood.  We are getting a beautiful new door on our new home – a new portal…

How interesting.

I know not what to do with all this information coming at me.  It excites me.  It petrifies me.  It elicits happy dancing and wanting to hide.

I do not know how to walk or be in all these changes.  I so do want to walk.

I have people around me and connecting to me stating the same feelings with different words and scenarios – yet the opening of newness and new pathways are loud and working on getting clear.

We can choose love.   We can choose fear.  We cannot choose both at the same time.

May you choose love.  May you be open to what is being offered you.  It may be very different than what you are looking for or expect.  And, it may be what is so inside of you that once you step on this path, you just may feel home.

Walk through whatever it is that presents itself to you in the truest stage of who you are and be ready to fly (or live) through new ‘portals’ that bring you to your ultimate life.

Just what if….

May you be ready to believe in yourself and step forward into what gives you ultimate connection to your own self and everything that is.

Oh deep…lol