"Grow Yourself Complete"


My beautiful niece told me to ‘shine bright like a diamond like I always do’.  If everyone could be lucky enough to have such a beautiful niece.  !

I sent her the below picture and above is what her beautiful heart and mind shares back to me.  I am feeling very blessed and loved.

What wind beneath our wings people, connections and situations can be.

And, on the opposite side — people, connections and situations can also be the undoing of one’s self.

Or   is    it    them….

I am learning that it is my reaction to each ‘thing’ that matters most.  I can choose how I react.  I can choose a different and/or new reaction any time I want.  How brilliant is this ‘shine’!…

May you shine bright like a diamond.  If you don’t feel good with the thought you are thinking, may you think a new thought.  May you think again…


Such a beautiful picture.  I have used it on my IPhone wallpaper, my computer screen and I just have to use it again here.

                                                      Shine all the colors of who and what you are!