"Grow Yourself Complete"


May you stand strong in who you are and always speak your truth.

May you let yourself matter.  We honor the universal connection when we let ourselves matter.

Your truth is a part of this puzzle called human life.  As you live and speak your truth, you are available to be a part of the puzzle of life and without you, this puzzle cannot be completed.

You are here for this reason.    Just what if…..

‘I will be the truest me that I know how and I will continue to strive to always give myself permission to lovingly share what is inside of me outside of myself.’

I am still seeing myself quiet at times when I really do want to speak and have a need to be heard… I still don’t want to create hardship/anger in another.  I (even) do know that the hardship and anger is already there.  I don’t have the power to create it.  And, yet, I still see myself holding myself responsible for same in another.

Old habits are hard to break.  They are not impossible.

Break into and live your total truth of who and what you are as best you can; again and again and again until it becomes second nature; auto-piloted.