"Grow Yourself Complete"


In Deep.

Our world is in deep or it feels so to me at least.  War, struggles, hardship, beauty, love and awareness.  We are connected like we have never been before.  I can be emailing with Africa, texting with New Jersey, on Facebook with Dubai and ordering online for dresses with moving models.   We certainly are connected like never before.

With this grandness, we also see, hear, know, participate in and am bombarded with others’ thoughts, ways, ideas, and beliefs.

Ease is simply not present.  Ease is everywhere.

How this is possible and made to make sense, I do not know.   How this settles inside of myself – it hasn’t.

We bear the weight of much.  We do not carry the weight of everything.

Our weather and Mother Nature is different.  Our abilities and knowledge are greater.  Our compassion and empathy is being tested.  Our truth has no where to hide.

LOL.   I do not know what any of this means.   I do not know what to do with much of it as a whole.  I do know that I walk on and through with as open of a mind and as willing of a heart as I can muster walking through the largest tunnel mankind has ever known while breathing and living in this human form.

May you breathe, walk, love and believe with me.  May you know you have you and that wherever you find yourself, you will know in each moment how to live you.   The thought of same is so different than our ability to act when necessary to act; to set forth an action.

May you journey on as you are aware that this is living; this is your life.  Right now in this moment, you are experiencing life.  Experience it through your truth, your kindest and your best.  My wish.