"Grow Yourself Complete"

Deep Breath

May you stop.  Before you continue, please (if you choose) relax your shoulders, feel the ground or chair beneath you [supporting you entirely] and take a deep, full breath..  …

My cells of my body and the cells that make up my brain feel scattered, spastic, jumping from one way of being to another and unable to stay focused and/or in a state of homeostasis.

Is it my body, mind, soul and spirit searching for where it feels most comfortable…  Have many of us worked hard, discovered much, revealed and reveled in different circumstances and experiences and are now looking for a place ‘to land’.  To stand in homeostasis and know relaxation, a feeling of being grounded and to be beautifully settled in the truth of who we are and who we want to be.

Sounds magical to me.  Feels magical believing in it.  I feel whole in experiencing it.

May you allow yourself to feel, be, do and breathe exactly how it is you are experiencing same.  May you be the one to experience and know your breath, your feelings and what you are comprised of and living as and with.  Try not to judge it.  Try to be one with it all.

From this place, let your own love; the magic of you – grow out/up (evolve) into our world and everything that you want to be and are supposed to live.

Live whole by letting, allowing and opening to the truth of and the experiencing of all of your cells that comprise your whole self.

I am either really and truly crazy or really and truly brilliant or somewhere in the middle.  Experiencing my own cells, I feel I have touched on all of these aspects of life; of living; of knowing and being.

May you bring YOU ON.