"Grow Yourself Complete"


There is a deepness inside all of us that is connected to all that is and knows everything that is needed for one’s lifetime.

Some say that we are shedding what we are not.  We are expelling things from our life that are not us.  We are opening to new endeavors and ways that our consciousness doesn’t always or fully understand.  We are experiencing things in the openness of our lives.

There is no where left to hide.  The truth of who we are wants to breathe and be shared.  The challenges are present for this reason.  The paths of our lives may be altering.  We are becoming.

One thing; one breath; one person at a time, together, we are evolving our world from what it was to what it is going to be and many are doing it with great awareness like never before.

Technology has forever changed the way we live and can live.  Communication and truth is surfacing in ways that we couldn’t have foreseen.  Politics is living in a role that has never been lived.

Our hearts are being asked to open and the world and its people want(need) our vulnerability.

We crave it in each other.

Of course, not everyone feels this way.  Of course the path doesn’t show itself to each of us at the same time or in the same way.  I’m with Shakespeare – “to thine own self be true”.  I’d like to add with open heart, open mind, and open spirit.

We each have our own path to realize and live.

In this, as we support each other along our own paths, we win.

Openness, vulnerability and truth [out loud and easily] are certainly things of the future if they are not in your present.

As one door closes, another always opens in divine timing.  Being and breathing are two ways to carry ourselves through the dark times.

Being, breathing, hearing the quiet within and listening are ways that can lead us into the light.

May you “trust the process of life” (Louise Hay) and trust yourself to know that what you need to know you will know when you really need to.

Let us live.  Let us be aware of how we are living; what we are ‘bringing to the table’ and what makes ourselves feel/be the most whole.

May we support one another in each others’ wholeness.

I want to believe that this is what is and will be the goal and reason for living.  

You being whole; you being whole; you being whole and you being whole…   Ha.!

May you enter the wholeness of you.

(photo by Jess)