"Grow Yourself Complete"

Days or Dazed

The days seem to be going by very fast.  I wake up and before I know it, I’m going to sleep.  There are many hours in between and, yet, they seem to go by very fast.

I don’t know all of what I’m occupying myself with.  The hours have been zooming by.

I believe I am here to teach what I have learned.  I am here to offer love where it is needed.  To offer understanding where there is little.  I am far from perfect and I want to help build a world where we are all happier; as fulfilled as we can be in each moment; and living the truest and most loving of our own unique self; together.

I know I work better, live happier, feel most complete when there are people who hear me, know me, see me and support me.

Most humans like support.  Perhaps, we are made to connect to support.  We ‘grow’ best when we are supported — by ourselves; by one another.

May you support yourself.  May you support another.

May you live your days aware and open.  When and if you do find yourself dazed and shut off, embrace it, acknowledge it, open up to it and trust yourself that there is a reason you are here and you will know your answers; get your support; are okay and are, perhaps, at a wonderful moment in your life where you can create the greatest of days yet to come [in a whole new way or somewhat of a different way].

I believe in you.  May you believe in you.  Days or Dazed… you are still you and you are still on your journey.  This magical journey that is unique to you and a part of us all.

You deserve to live the best of you; the magic in you; the knowing that is you connected to this Source, this God, this Everything that has us all breathing, beating and being…

Journey well.  Journey on.  Journey through.  Journey as YOU.

Thank you.