"Grow Yourself Complete"

Da Storm

What to do.. We can go into the storm; turn away from the storm; pretend the storm isn’t happening. We can create our own storm to outdo the current storm; we can ignore it; we can ride it out; we can bring our true loving and open self into it. We can even choose to just watch it. So many choices. So many options. I am sure I have done them all.  

Here’s the black and white of it… It is not so much the storm that creates what we feel, do and choose. It is who we are at the time of the storm; what we know; what we feel and what we have been through that engages us to choose what we choose. If you choose the best option for you, do you add to the storm or do you try to be the quiet in the storm… What encourages it to go on and, perhaps, even yield it to be more forceful… What slows down the storm so it too, maybe, can yield to peace… The storms can seem to be plentiful at times; especially when we feel attacked, challenged or uncertain. May we send love to the storm. We can know pain pummeling through the storm. May we find shelter if the storm is dangerous. Sometimes, if we wait it out and discuss our experience of it afterwards, there can be great lessons learned and better outlets devised. 

It is ok to be angry. It is not ok to hurt another because of our anger. Jump up and down. Punch and kick on the bed. Scream while in a car alone or into a pillow. Exercise. Punch and kick a punching bag. Release the physicality of the storm in an unhurtful way. Swim hard in an easy kind of way. — Whatever keeps the storm passing through.  

Storms can be beautiful when they don’t leave damage. Storms can leave damage long after the storm is over. We have very little options of changing a storm by Mother Nature. We have more options of dealing with a storm within ourselves.  

Storms happen. 

May you let the storm be safe if it is yours. If it is another’s, may you choose love of self each and every time. It is, perhaps, our best opportunity of creating safety and even quieting the storm.

We only have control of our own choices during a storm. Choose your best and most loving self. If you keep experiencing the same storm again and again;– only by doing something different; making a new choice, creating a new way will the same storm affect you (and everybody in it) differently. Only then will the reoccurring storm change.

May you let storms offer ‘self-growth’ by being aware of yourself in the storm; living in your truth and living in the light of love.  

Storms can be beautiful and empowering. So, too, can our individual lives; together.  

Let’s get it on.