"Grow Yourself Complete"


We are all accustomed to certain things.  Holidays, celebrations, responsibilities, certain clothing, work, travel to and from work, weather, etc.  We fall into a life of custom things that we do regularly or similar each and every time.  We expect certain things to happen or not happen.  We grocery shop, fill our grocery carts; we put our food into bags and load them up into our car or carry them home.  We then put the items away in the kitchen and certain areas of our house that we keep each item in its accounted for space.

Well, a loved one sits in Customs just now; in Canada; for two hours.  This is not a thing she is accustomed to.  It is nothing I am accustomed to.  With her there and me here – I can’t even call it ‘fun’.

In life, we do things on a regular basis that can create a comfortable situation.  In life, uncomfortable situations arise.  It is who we are that teaches us; allows us; and encourages us to react to each situation.

If you are having to be patient, perhaps, it can teach you patience.  If you are having to speak up to share your point of view, perhaps, it can teach you to use your voice in a helpful way.  If you are having to know discomfort in a situation, perhaps, you can learn trust and allowance for situations that are not in your comfort zone.

If you have to wait at Customs to get into another country, perhaps, you can do it with an open mind/open heart and with compassion and trust holding you together.  I’d rather wait with a peace of mind than a mind full of negative chatter.

It is up to us.  It shows and tells us who we are.  To take responsibility for our own existence; our own experience(s) and our own being is to have control over how we experience our own life.

May you experience your own life from the place of peace, joy, harmony, compassion and love within you.  May all your experiences teach you more and more what you feel like to be content.