"Grow Yourself Complete"

Cool Draft

I’m getting ready to walk my dogs out front in the beautifully landscaped ‘village’ in which I now live.  It is cool for here.  63 deg.  It is a bright sunny, blue sky day.  It is 55 deg. F in the shade.  It invigorates.  It is wonderful to breathe.

I am making soup.  Delicious vegetable soup to eat after walking in the cool, invigorating weather.   The smell of it is heavenly and reminds me of my childhood and brings me comfort.

As I continue my own journey of self discovery, the bottom line that comes up again is that all the situations, drama and challenges are not really anything that need to be ‘fixed’.  A wholeness to living is about being okay with where we find ourselves and who we are.  The ‘Just Be U’ thing comes up loudly again for me.

Just Be U and love you, accept you, embrace you and allow you.  Come from this place of self acceptance and this is what will take us into the truest place [for our total person] moving forward as we allow our whole self to be present and involved.

Let us not fight to be different from the ‘lot’ we were given (or , perhaps, chose before birth)

Can you accept yourself 100% complete with everything that surrounds you, is you and conforms as you… May you be open to finding out.  I am open to it for sure.

Conformity is “correspondence in form, nature, or character, agreement, congruity, or accordance” (dictionary.com)

May you allow all of you to live harmonious and in congruent with the life that you were born to live and the life you are living.   May they match, balance out and evolve up.  You matter exactly in the capacity of what you know, who you are, where you have been and how you think and do things.  You matter.  You are enough.  Let all of who you are free to fly into the limitless possibility that is YOU.

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