"Grow Yourself Complete"

Construction Zone

Our world and much in it feels like it is under construction.

Many people’s lives are topsy turvy, upside down, changing, challenging, freeing and just plain different.

There are many disasters, danger zones and powerful energies to process, change, grow, do better and create anew through.

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, at times.

It is, perhaps, in this ‘overwhelmness’ that the greatest possibilities show themselves.

I know my stress level is not always pointing to calm.   I know that I can feel in disarray and sometimes blind to any good answers.  I know I walk forward merely by questioning my goal in the moment; relying on my faith and trust that I am where I am supposed to be; and knowing for sure that what is being created through me is what is supposed to be created for me and for our world.

May you walk forward knowing your goal in the moment of feeling overwhelmed.  May you rely on your faith and trust that you are where you are supposed to be.  May you know for sure that what is being created through you is the best possible for mankind and for mother nature.  When we create with an open heart and mind, miracles and ease show up.  

We are a work in progress.  We are here to tap into and ‘grow’ our own light.  We are here to participate in shining a light on our own experiences, situations, innate knowing and the oneness that is connected from the depth of who we are.

As we go through the oh so many ‘construction zones’, may we add/extend/offer the light.  It is our job to follow and create the best lit paths.  It is our job to connect to our own peace, love and joy.  It is our job to live in the light.  It is our job to be the light.  It is our job to let the light win over the darkness.  It is our job to create, participate and live in the best version of our self.  It is our job to say what our job is…

It is not so much our surroundings.  It is more how we reply to our surroundings.  This is where peace can be destroyed or lived.

May we walk through, survive and do the work that has to be done in the construction zones and may we find ourselves ‘in the zone’ of positivity more and more and more.

Get in your most brilliant zone.  Let the best, happiest and most fulfilling energies win.

Let what is ‘light’ to your being win.