"Grow Yourself Complete"


What we concentrate on –  we create, we grow, we live with, we live as, and we feel throughout our body.

When I think of happy thoughts, joyful thoughts, I am less stressed and more content.  My body feels stronger.

When I think scary thoughts, unlikable thoughts, I feel more anxiety and truly weaker.

When I concentrate on gratefulness, I see and feel good.  When I concentrate on things that I don’t like, I can feel all sorts of hardship.

It is up to me what I concentrate on.  I can change it as soon as I realize I want to.  It is a choice.  It is a reaction.  It is an awareness.

We all have this choice, this ability to react and the possibility of awareness.

It is within each of us.

It is within our power to choose what to concentrate on.

I often hear myself saying, no, this will not be in my mind.  I release worry and I open to love.

Some days are harder than others to have this free will; this inner knowing; this ability to choose love.  And, some days, it just sits with us and shines.

May you realize what you are concentrating on and choose for yourself what makes your body strong and your inner world united with peace and love. 

May you choose peace and love and whatever it is that makes you the best you that is available to you in each moment.

You were made to matter; to be enough; to have an innate knowing that is only you – only yours.

May you live your innate and true self; with love, peace and gentle positivity.