"Grow Yourself Complete"


Today was a success story kind of day.

Many communicated wonderful, huge, happy and empowering stories to me.

One person found herself being peace in the chaos.  This was new to her and she had been working very hard to achieve just this.

Another took big steps to create a whole new and glorious ‘part three’ for herself.   One she never thought possible at this time of her life and, yet, one she knew was the exact direction she was here on this Earth to create and grow into.

Some found themselves doing really fun things that they never had done before and just decided on a whim to let go and do — through support and trust of each other.

One spoke her truth and empowered the room.

A Life Coach contacted me for suggestions that I may have to be helpful to her client.  I am so honored and feel so awesome that a life coach would connect with me on life coaching.  I only imagined coaching the ‘layman’.  What a fabulous and fun gift I received from this communication/connection.

In fact, all these communications/connections [surely feel like and] are gifts to me!

Today felt like a pretty empowering day to me.   I sure hope, and I am surely open to, many, many, many, many (hope you get the picture, ha) more of these successful situations/moments/things.

I had the honor of reading a post on ‘Facebook’ that a person was going to put himself first as he realized that he had no reserve of love and energy for himself because he was too focused on helping others.  He gave himself all away.  He was ready to change things up and love himself first; that he was now (and always had been) worthy of this.  Huge.

I saw a video where an older couple got engaged where she has an illness that is very hard to live with and he just found out he had an inoperable tumor that will eventually kill him.  They kissed and focused on their love.

This, to me, is success.   Oh, how I love success!

I, myself, have been feeling more ‘alive’ energy filled with happiness; especially as day turns into night (for some reason)

May you have your own communication and success story(ies)..  !!