"Grow Yourself Complete"


“In my own little corner; in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be….”  ‘Cinderella’ had it right way back when…..

And, it is my hope that we are expanding our own little corner; our own little chair to encompass all that is.  We are choosing to live more and more from the depth that is within ourselves.  To be, live, show, breathe and share whatever we feel and who/what we are in each moment; many of us are ‘working’ on this inner loving truth…  “to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God”.

We are ‘working’ on harmonizing, being congruent, creating homeostasis with what is within is also without.  This is work.  This is why, perhaps, it has taken us so long to connect to this energy and to know that it is not ‘lulu’ or crazy or negative or something that ‘should’ be hidden away.

Vibrate loudly and scream energetically.  Activate your whole being by connecting and loving the totality of you.

In other words, love everything that you are as you create peace within by living your life through acceptance and ‘cherish-ment’.  Grow yourself into everything that you are that ‘inhabits’ your body…  Oooo…..  Stretch way past your present limits as you open up and allow yourself to Just 9Be U….   Be completely you and rock who you are by caring, loving, kindness and even through your pain.

No more masks.  Love all that is behind the mask(s).

Now is the time to start, continue, allow, grow and/or rock You out!

Your uniqueness is needed.  Your experiences are needed.  Your sharing you is needed. Your own truth, from your own loving-ness is needed.  You matter in changing/saving our world.

Wow, how awesome and important you are!  Each and every one of us.

Let’s do this.  Let’s create the world that we want to do a happy dance (or cheer) to from within each one of us without.

May you connect to your ‘woo hoo’ individually, together…..!   

 (Picture Unknown)