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August 14, 2010 Blog Post…

The Cicada

I am in the Northeast Pennsylvania area and we have a lot of Cicadas right now.  Very loud singing Cicadas.  They are locust-like; Cricket-like.
One  morning while walking my Australian Shepherd, Durby, the noise of the Cicada was deafening to me.  I didn’t like it and I felt unable to tolerate the noise.  When I got home, I looked up Cicada and realized the meaning of a Cicada was ‘a loyalty to one’s principles’.  I knew I was not paying attention to what I really want and need.  I was not being loyal to myself.   I immediately took this as me being unable to or not connected to listening to my inner voice.  The next morning there was a Cicada (first time I ever saw one) floating in my pool.  I scooped it out and it came to life;  it’s voice was extremely loud and alive.  Its wings were wet so I placed it on a chair.  Within 8 minutes or so, it had flown away.  I took this to mean that I was going to live and I was going to be okay.

Following this happening to me, I started sharing it with people.  This is what came out of it.

One woman who is in bad shape, stuck in a marriage that she’s been questioning for a long time, drinking too much – told me a cicada recently attacked her. (Her inner voice wanting attention?)

Another woman who very recently left a bad marriage and was planning on going to the summer ski mountain and hanging out at the Tiki Bar told me she loved the sound of the cicada (loves that she listened to her inner voice?)

And, one last woman who recently lost 35 pounds and left her husband and started a new life for herself at the beginning of the year told me she was sweeping up the shells of the cicada on her front door. (sign of shedding her own weight and her old life?)

Very interesting to me, indeed.

Where are you at paying attention and meeting the needs of your inner voice?