"Grow Yourself Complete"

Christmas Desire and Spirit

I hear many people saying that they want to skip Christmas; they don’t want to be obligated or know that they ‘should’ do this or they ‘should not’ do that.

I understand.  I hear them.

I’d like to offer to not do or worry about any of the above.   To start the new tradition of doing Christmas from our hearts and enjoying it, presenting it, being it, living it, doing it, breathing it in the way that makes ourselves most happy and/or content.

I believe that as we do this, we encourage others to do the same.  Christmas is about the birth of Jesus.   Christmas spirit is about good will toward men and women.  Christmas is about being together with those that support our happy and the person we are.  It is about supporting others’ happiness and who they are.

May you have the Christmas that warms your heart, encourages your dreams and lives through the spirit of sharing love, truth and peace.

May you allow this to be your tradition.  May you be honest that this is what you wish to be so; for yourself, for all those that you love and for even those you do not know.

May you give through truth and love to bring you ‘home’ to you.

STOP whatever you were previously doing and breathe.  Feel what it is you want and go for this.  Love yourself through enough not to get mad at people for ‘making’ you do or be or act any way that is not who you are today.

Cheery Christmas to one and to all.  You are allowed to follow your cheer.