"Grow Yourself Complete"

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I wake up to homemade chocolate chip cookies this morning!  Oh my!  They are delicious, tempting and I’m in trouble!  Ha!

My neighbor brought them over to me yesterday to welcome us to the neighborhood.  How kind, generous and tasty!

They are not easy for me to resist.

So, as I eat them (hopefully not all of them), I will enjoy each bite.  Taste the burst of chocolate; taste the sweetness of the mix and enjoy the crunch and the smell.   As I’m deciding to eat them, I’m deciding to taste and enjoy them as well.   Every savory bite!  Hoot.

Life can be like this.  There can be moments all around us that are pleasantly bursting with sweetness and because we are unaware or focused on other things, we can miss the temptation of the joy.

Flowers, people, animals, natural beauty are all around us in our world.

May you ‘stop to smell the roses’ and taste the chocolate chip cookies from time to time.   May you be aware that joy is available to you.  Perhaps, all we have to do is be open to it and/or look for it…    I wish you joy.