"Grow Yourself Complete"


Ch Ch Ch Changes…

Change is in my life.  Change is in your life.  Change is inside of us.  Change is outside of us.

Change is always happening.

It is not so much the change as it is how we react to the change that creates something somewhere between inner calm to chaos and outer calm to chaos.

Every day ‘change’ shows itself to us.  We feel change.  We know change.  We experience change. Things change.  We are change.  We change.

Sometimes it feels like a happy surprise; a break; a relief; a gift.

Sometimes it feels like a problem; an issue; an unhappy incident; a challenge.

Our initial reaction just may be from habit; from not processing information fully; from the actual change differing from what we would like to have happen.

If we STOP, acknowledge, process it and realize our initial reaction – and, if we do not like our initial reaction – we can change it.  We are this powerful.

May we learn to react in a way that gives us our best of self.  May we learn to react that gives us the gift of harmony and peace.  May we choose to react that allows for calm even if  ‘it’ feels chaotic.

May you realize, that perhaps, it is in your reactions that create the full on experience of each moment.

This is good news/bad news, perhaps.

Good news is that it is in our control in how we react to change.  Bad news is that it is in our control in how we react to change.  It is up to us how we want to react.  Do we want to stay calm…  Do we want to ‘fly off the handle’…  Do we want to live in anger, disharmony and fear…  Do we want to live in peace, love and trust…

How we experience life cannot happen without our permission.  We choose.  We permit.  We allow the ongoing reaction(s).

May you choose the best of yourself even in the face of challenge, chaos and/or unwanted change.

May you react to life as the person you want to be and in the way of life you want to experience. 

Remember that you are the only person you will ever spend your entire life with.  May you give yourself the most pleasant of experiences possible as often as possible.

May you let your mind, body, heart and soul work together from your deepest innate knowing into the craziest unknown places you find yourself.