"Grow Yourself Complete"


I’ve been thinking about celebrating, celebrations and all the different reasons and ways to celebrate.

I’m thinking that if we do not feel like we have reason to celebrate, we may just be looking in the wrong direction.

There is always something to celebrate.  Yes, sometimes, it may take longer or be harder to find the reason(s) and, yet, I do believe there is always a reason.

May you see the reason(s) to celebrate!

May you celebrate!

May you know the reason; feel the reason; be the reason to celebrate life.

I celebrate my connection to you.  In this moment, with what is in front of me,  I celebrate my breath, my mind, my animals, loving connections; the ability to care for one another and this very moment as it will never come again…

May you know how to best live it out…

Each moment on…  Your experience matters.