"Grow Yourself Complete"

Bubbling Up

I feel a lot inside of me bubbling up.  I feel happiness, joy, love.  I feel enough is enough and I wish pain could and would just disappear from everyone’s life.

As I let pain go; as you let pain go… Is it possible for us to, at the very least, let some pain go.  Is it possible at the greatest level, to allow no more pain.  To believe in no more pain.  To stop it.  To not buy into it…

War is an ugly thing.  I don’t understand it.  Putting others down to win is ugly and exhausting to me.  Creating war within by not accepting or flowing with what is takes more energy than accepting what is and bringing our true loving self to it.

Yet, many of us do not always choose this path.  I wonder why.  Is it just habit…  Is it society…  Is it fear of creating pain for others..  What a ‘hoot’ that is..

By not sharing our truth to protect someone never seems to work long term.  And to live with it, hurts everyday.

Yes, we humans are good at pretending otherwise by not feeling or letting our thoughts go where the pain is.  But, in truth, isn’t the pain always being carried within – can’t we always tap into it.  Or constrict (hold tight) by not tapping in.

If we get rid of it by speaking it; feeling it; allowing it; being with it… It is gone and it does not harbor down within us.

Let’s stop pain.  As best we can; with what we know.

May you speak your truth; share your truth; live your truth from the most loving place inside of you.  May you courageously speak what you are really feeling and not let anger or silence stop you.   May you be free of as much pain as possible.

Oh, to live in a life that shows our love and hurt instead of our anger because of wanting to be loved and it not happening in the manner we think it ‘should’…

May you never ‘should’ on yourself or another.   May you always let your truth out.

This is the path that I want to live on.