"Grow Yourself Complete"

Breathe. Just Breathe.

As I sit here at the start of my day, I see the outside fountain bubbling away; the water streaming down the soft edged stones.  The sky is blue and the sun in shining.  I hear the fountain next to me singing its sweet and caressing melody.

I know not what the day will bring.  I know it will be exactly what it is supposed to.  I know I will bring my truth to the experiences.  I grow.

I breathe.  I am.

I am whole.   I am love.   I am open.

I am living the experience that, perhaps, I signed up to live.  This is it.  How I live it is up to me.

I ask for gentleness.   I ask for kindness.  I ask for my own learning to be gentle and kind.  I ask for my growth to come from easy strength.

None of us know for sure how tomorrow (or even today) will play out.  It will move on regardless.

I choose to move on through it with love of myself and others and trust in the process of life.

How I feel is okay.  Whatever feelings arise,  I tell myself I am supposed to feel this way or else I would not.

I allow myself to feel it.   I stand in its truth.  I walk with it.

I am open to it all.  I do prefer the easier, more fun feelings, however!

I know this is my life journey and I am the only one that experiences and lives it.

May you know that this is your life journey and you are the only one that experiences and lives it.  May you experience and live it from the truth internal to the external world.  May you choose what feels most loving, fulfilling and excitedly peaceful within.

And so it is…  Choose your day from the beauty that is within you.  Shine on.