"Grow Yourself Complete"


May you breathe.  And,  may you know that you are… !

I like to just feel the air I breathe into my body; feel my stomach fill up like a balloon; and slowly let the air release and pull my belly in and let all the air out of my lungs.  My shoulders relax and I let go.

Follow the breath in and out of one’s body.  Repeat.  Repeat as many times as it feels right to open up to the inner peace that is you(rs).

Breathing.  It is nice to know that I am… !

Sometimes, perhaps, one can notice that the air is cooler coming in and warmer going out of the body.  Just be with it.

As I breathe out, I can let my ‘skeleton’, organs, muscles and skin relax and let go.  I can find any tension in my body and let it go.  I can just breathe and invite peace and letting go.  Just ‘hang’ for a moment or two; just maybe.

What a beautiful gift to one’s self…

May you breathe and be aware of all that is you.  May you let it all go but your breath [in this moment].