"Grow Yourself Complete"


Every breath we take is a miracle.  Some are easier to take than others.  Some are more shallow; some have more depth.  I’m working on even and steady breathing as much as possible. I do believe it is within my power.  Our bodies have a way of persevering and protecting us with each breath; moreso, if we allow and believe.

I do believe I have ‘habitual breaths’ that are run through and created by past experiences and just the way our bodies are built.  I find it amazing that we do not have to do anything at all and breath comes.

When we are relaxed and life feels easy – we tend to breath deep, long breaths.  When we are stressed and life feels threatening, our breath may be shallow, fast and, possibly, even sporadic.

What is your breath like now…  Do you know that you are breathing…  Are you breathing deeply into your center…   Are you breathing shallow, shorter breaths…

What kind of breath feels ‘good on you’….

May you breathe today and be one with your breath.  May you stay aware of your breathing if this is something that feels right to you now.

May you honor how you feel, how you breathe, what feels best on you.  Honor You.  You are the only person that you spend your entire lifetime with.  Be your miraculous self.

May you “Be your own best friend.”  Debbie Hershey McMahon

“HGTV” Channel