"Grow Yourself Complete"


Our breath.  Your breath.  My breath.

How so many of us can take breathing for granted.  Our bodies breathe in and out without us having to do anything.

Some people with asthma and/or other dis-eases know how important breath is.

When one cannot ‘catch one’s breath’, it can be scary, horrible, and life threatening.

Without our breath, we do not live.  With our breath; perhaps, with each breath, we can know peace and allow for relaxation, stillness and gratitude.

How grateful I am that my body breathes for me and as I let my mind wander to my breath, ‘noise’ shuts down, my body relaxes and I feel the strength of who and what I am.  I know my breath and I know the stillness of living in my breath.

I’ve been doing this a lot lately.  Just watching my breath and also ‘playing’ with the uptake and output of my breath.

I can breathe with my nose – one or both nostrils.  I can breathe with my mouth.  I can feel cooler air coming into my body; warmer air going out.  I can just watch it and not judge but just let it happen.  I can count to 10 as I breathe in.  I can count to 10 as I breathe out.  I can control my breath.  I can hold it.

I can breathe in and imagine filling my belly up like a balloon would fill with air.   I can breathe out and let the air ‘escape’ from my belly as my belly pulls in.

I can fill my lungs up to capacity.  I can empty them until there is no more air to come out.

We humans have breath.  How beautiful breathing can be.

May you breathe and be aware that you are doing so; just maybe, from time to time…