"Grow Yourself Complete"


It is a good time for me and, perhaps, for you to learn clearer, more loving and healthier (happier) boundaries.  As I set up my website; and I’m learning that many websites also have blogs, how do I go from a very personal blog to a professional blog.

I’m asking myself – what is the difference, what will be most helpful and touch most people’s souls in the way I wish to do so.

I’m torn and sit in some distress about this.   I find myself not coming ‘here’,  because this stress has me quiet and without words.

I also talk with other people who are in the perfect situations to create loving boundaries of their needs, desires and dreams while wanting to show compassion and support for their loved ones that are living through chaotic situations that challenge each one of us to our core.

It is big ‘stuff’ just now.  It is a big time just now.  It is a changing and eye opening time.  It is a challenge and there is a great need to learn complete acceptance of what we are uncertain of and what others are certain of for themselves.

How do we show compassion, support and love while not trying to change or hinder another person’s ability to grow into more of who they are…


My best advice would be to stay focused on love.  If you find yourself fearful of another person’s situation or challenge, send them love.  Sent the situation love.

If you find yourself uncertain and feeling discombobulated, give yourself gentleness, acceptance and love of just where you are.

Breathe in this very moment knowing that this very moment, you – inside of yourself and with yourself – are okay.  One second ago, you may not have been.  A few seconds from now – who knows.   But, right now in this ‘second’, you are love and you are okay.

May this be true for all of us as we ban together through gentleness, love, and acceptance. 

You may feel differently than another, it may not be right for you, it may scare you –  however, is it ours to own or another’s…  This being human is the greatest lesson of all.  Be the human you were born to be – in true totality through love and gentle strength – and just maybe, we are onto the greatest spiritual evolution of all time.

How cool are we?!?!?!?!    Yikes.