"Grow Yourself Complete"


Boundaries…  Which are mine to hold on to and process and what is another’s ‘stuff’…   Emotions get involved and BANG, this hard line can disappear.

When I want others to be one way and think one way (highly unadvisable!) and they do another, it is only my reaction to same that affects me and, it can affect me good…  lol

I still feel myself struggling with another’s conversation, especially if they are my loved ones, and I would/do not know how to converse as they are.  I would handle ‘things’ differently.

How do I let them handle things their way and not question, feel upset and just LET IT BE when it is not mine.  How do I let/allow them image/mirror each other so that they can learn their lessons as I learn my lesson to LET IT BE.

I will have to ‘just be’ with these thoughts and see where they take me.  I sure could allow myself to be in dis-ease if I chose that direction.   I choose the direction of peace.

If it is not mine to handle, not my responsibility, not in my control…  I choose peace by sending the situation love and letting it be.

May you LET IT BE and send love to anything/anyone that may enter your day and that may threaten to disrupt your ‘calm’ within.  May you choose peace.  Ha!  Tall order and I know it is possible.

May I offer… If it is not within your power to change things, may you let it be.  You may speak your truth as you see it, feel it and how it affects you, however, if it is not in your control, let it be so.