"Grow Yourself Complete"


I wrote this to a special friend this morning.    I want to send it out to everyone that it reaches.

“The times; they are achanging.” Bob Dylan

Many of us feel out of sorts as we drift, fight, release and add to our own lives.

My hope is that you achieve what you need/want.

“Take a deep breath.  Breathe in. Breathe out.  Is the air warmer coming out and perhaps cooler entering and filling your body way down into your stomach…

Where are your feet..  Is there tension in your body…  What does this tension need…

Send a light; whatever color.  Send a light to wash over you and through you.  Let it enter each organ, each cell; all through and around you.

Give yourself permission to just be in this moment for a mere few minutes.  Breathe deeply.  As you release your breath, release the tension with it.  Blow out extra; blow out longer.

Feel yourself sit heavier supported by what is underneath you.  Notice your hands. Your face. Your shoulders. Let the tension leave you.  Allow it to diminish.

Know that whatever comes your way, you will know the what and how in each moment ahead of you.  Give yourself this moment now.  Just now it’s all about you and your body and your being.  Cleanse yourself from worry.  Connect to the love that is inside of you.

Love.  Breathe in and out peace, ease and inner knowing.   Let the noise be.   Let the noise go.

Take yourself, in your mind, to your favorite place.  Feel the place.  Smell the smells. Hear the sounds.  Be what makes you you here; what makes you happy and content; relaxed and free.

And, work out from this place and go on with your day….   Breathe.  Trust.    Send love to what you worry about.   You have you.   Even when it doesn’t feel so.   Honor God (Your Creator) by honoring what has been created as You, only you.

You have 100% survival rate thus far.  Believe it all works out in the time and manner it is suppose to.

Be Here Now.

I love you.”

May you give yourself loving permission to have what you need/want.