"Grow Yourself Complete"


I find myself feeling excited.

I [sort of] can’t wait to see what I do next.  Where will this precious life lead me…  Where will the love in my heart lead me…  Where will the days; weeks, months ahead lead me…  I can’t wait to see.  There is an excitement within me that is bubbling up and I’m waiting for it to erupt into a beautiful fountain of self movement and colorful self energy.

I am ready.  I am open. I am willing.  Perhaps, you can — Be ready.  Be open.  Be willing.  There is a great love present that when we tap into it, we are able to do whatever it is we can dream up, reach for, allow, and open up to.

May you believe in yourself.  May you believe in what you are dreaming.  May you be open to all good and awesome things coming your way.

Your uniqueness will carry you to it.  Your openness will know what it is.  Your love will surround you and empower you.  Your ‘self movement’ will create, live and go beyond even your most far-fetched dreams.

If you believe…  And I believe.

I believe in your dreams.   I believe in my dreams.

As we dream the dream as only our individual self can, may we, together, create a better world for you and me.

Dream on.  May the dream(s) that you are supposed to bring into fruition – where nothing at all will stop it(them) as it(they) is(are) supposed to be – happen.  May you believe in you.  May you believe in your dream(s).