"Grow Yourself Complete"


Today is my husband’s birthday!  We celebrate him.  We celebrate the birth of him.  We celebrate his life and all that it means to us.

Our birthdays are special to us.  It is the day we were born here on Earth.  It is the day that we came into this world as who we are.  It is a day that after being in the womb for 9 months we breathe on our own.

Every year after this, we celebrate this memory, this coming of; so to speak.

We sometimes get gifts.  We often get well wishes.  We get acknowledged.  We have an opportunity to acknowledge our self.

For years, I would get a new outfit, get all happy and excited and celebrate me with others.  Now, it is not like it was.  I still recognize that this is my special day.  I love that others think of me and send me love.  Yet, I’ve learned to do it much quieter than before.  There is no other reason than it is how I feel now; for now.  It is where my life has led me and it is okay.

I greatly enjoyed the energy of me back then.  I greatly appreciate the energy I am now.  I am love.  I am still love.  I hope to always be love.

May you celebrate you.  Celebrate who you were; who you are now and who you are becoming.  Celebrate you the way you feel your energy is easily able to.  There is no right or wrong.  There is no should or should nots.  There is only you.

You are the person that lives your life.  You are the life that matters most to you.  You are certainly the one who affects you the most.  It is in your thoughts, actions and reactions that you live.

From your born date to your birth date to you in the now —  celebrate you as best and as often as you can.

Perhaps, as we celebrate ourselves and love our self, we can only offer celebration and love to others.

May you create the type of life you feel best to be living in.  In this, may you know celebration, fulfillment and love.

Happy Birthday to my Husband!