"Grow Yourself Complete"


I am in the state of bewilderment I think.  Hearing stories, feeling energies, participating in situations; just bewildering.

Our world as we knew it is gone.  Our world as it is, is transitioning; evolving.  While everything is at our fingertips, little is for certain.

I went to the movies this weekend.  The theatre had an unpleasant smell and for about 2 minutes the sound was off.  We all sat there in murmuring silence.   I remember turning around in the ‘old days’ when the projector tape would flubber and the theatre would get loud in almost a ‘demand’ of a fix.

Nowadays- we just wait, we expect, we encounter and we live through much unprofessionalism as we work through the kinks of progress and the inability to make sense out of nonsensical things and situations pretty frequently.

There is a whole lotta good coming from this.  There is a whole lotta new demands and roads we are encountering.   While we are becoming more individualized, we are also having to become more accepting and have the mindset to ‘go with the flow’ if we want peace inside and around us.

It is a hugely exciting time.  It can be a very scary time.

With so much technology, our world has become smaller.  There are way less ‘hiding’ places for one to sit in the privacy of our own life.   While, perhaps, this can be a very good thing as we twist, change, grow ad evolve into our best selves; this can also be a difficult thing because very little is ever ignored for it to go away.  Most things/situations/people need to be dealt with for real change and growth to occur.

I believe this is going to bring and connect us to a greater understanding and growth of a peaceful evolution.  I also believe it can be an extremely challenging, ‘in your face’, share what may be hard for us to share and create a new world of supporting individuals’ reality, together.


May you live who you are from the inside out, support others to do the same and be open to participating in the biggest evolution our world has ever known.  Together, each person here on this Earth now, at this time, can make a difference – a huge difference.  We all live in each other’s ‘wake’ and as the ripples reach you, may you stand lovingly strong in what you know is best for you and support others to do the same.  May you also be aware of the ‘ripples’ that you are sending out.

Out of bewilderment, just maybe,  we can build our best part of our lives yet; best part of evolution yet.  “Game” on.