"Grow Yourself Complete"


The unknown can be a scary thing.  It can frighten us and we can start believing all kinds of worst case scenarios when we are in the unknown.

Just what if we could send the unknown love, trust, and live from the truth that we are aware of the truth as we know and feel it to be.  Bring all this forward with us into the unknown.

Stay in the presence (presents) of this and know peace, calm and even joy because right here; right now, in this very moment, as I write this and as you read this, we are okay.

We are surviving, we are standing (or sitting/laying) and we are okay in the presence (presents) of this moment.  Sometimes we are way more than ok.  But we are always ok if we choose to be.

We may not like where we are or what we are dealing with, but we are okay.

We may wish it to be different than we know it to be, but we are okay.

We are okay in our okay-ed-ness.

May you know that you are okay in each present moment and as you stay in the present of the presence, the truth of the presence, your truth in the present, and the knowingness or even unknowingness of the present, you are okay with this breath.

Breathe.  Let your deep breaths matter.

May you create your life forward from the present of the presence.