"Grow Yourself Complete"


May you believe in yourself and ‘just be’ the person that you are.

Acceptance of what you feel.

Forgiveness for any ‘wrongdoing’.

Love for all that you were made to be.

Hope for all that is yet to come.

Intelligence (mind and innate) to know your best way.

Awareness to see what you are doing.

Sight to follow your way.

Wholeness to allow acceptance.

Being ‘hooked’ to the outside world so easily and not wanting to miss anything makes it somewhat difficult for us to put down the phone, computer, smart pad and/or social media sites.

I think, perhaps, going back to at least one day a week  where we do just rest all day long is a great idea.  We embraced a quiet day more as a collective ‘system’ then than we do now.  This 24/7, perhaps, is taking too much energy and offsetting most of our energies as we don’t want to miss anything and want to be productive.  Is it a human need to be connected….  Well, we are that; connected.

I say disconnect and believe that what you are supposed to know you will; what you are supposed to do you can, and what you are supposed to see you do.

Everything that is supposed to be in your life is, was, and will be experienced. 

May you take some downtime to just relax in your body, mind, soul and spirit.  Deep breath in.  Deep breath out.