"Grow Yourself Complete"


My word for today is befuddled.  I am befuddled that this is my world; our world.  The context of change is all around us and life has run amuck.  It is time to take this amuck-ness and turn it into anything that comes from the truth within yourself.

My wish is that we allow our truth to lead us to the whole of ourselves and share this wholeness with each other.  My wish is that the whole of everything that already is can be lived in and through.  It is here for us.  We only need to claim it.

To know wholeness is to know fulfillment.

To live your whole self is to be fulfilled.

I support you in your greatest fulfillment.  I support you to live the best of yourself each day by being your whole, true self.

May you allow the truth within you to create your wholeness.