"Grow Yourself Complete"

Been a Long Time

It has been over a week since I have posted here on my Just 9Be U blog.   I have been living, gathering, growing and processing information in my life.

My goal here (at this blog) is always to ‘touch’ you in being your best and true self and to know and live in my own truth.

I have officially become a Certified Professional Life Coach!  woo hoo   whoop!

The USA has celebrated its Independence Day.

Canada has celebrated Canada Day.

I’m sure many/all of our countries (without my awareness) have gone through experiences and changes also.

I honor them all in hope that it is for the highest good of our world.  I look forward to the day that the highest good is most prevalent over lesser than.

The month of June has gone and the month of July is here.

There is a time for everything.  We cannot rush things calmly.   We cannot change much.   We cannot put back time nor can we forward it.  We can always change our thinking about anything. 

If something is meant to be, no matter what – it will be…  Nothing will get in its way.  If something is not meant to be, no matter what, it will not be.

As we bring our focus on what life is showing us; presenting to us and challenging and rewarding us with — this is where our awareness and our own truth allows us to fly, know fulfillment and create from what is.

I have been more and more aware in every aspect of my life.  There is still (or perhaps a better word is ‘always’) a more clear focus and acceptance to be had.  I struggle with relationship to knowing I deserve, was born for, and giving myself permission to create what makes me the most joyful in every breath I take.

Old habits do die hard.  Yet, old habits can be changed to better and new habits.   I am working with clear, concise, and a bountiful of ‘did I do that?’ to myself.   What did I allow; did I create; did I buy into… [is what I’ve been exploring].

Yes, many of these truths are not the easiest to admit to and see….   Yet, if I don’t admit that everything that I am in my life is my creation, I will not have the power to ‘play’ with what I really do want in my life and what I really do want to create or recreate.      Good news/Bad news — Only I have this power.

So, as I look at relationship to everything and everyone in my life….  I’m open to exploring what is; what can be; and what will be.

May you give yourself permission to explore your feelings, your creation of your own life and be gentle, caring and loving to yourself and to others as much as possible.

May you succeed where you just know internally that this way of life is for you…

Go for it….  Go for you…  Live the life that is inside of you to live.     My wish.

May you embrace where you are at (as much as possible) as you stay open to creating your best life path.  !

May you trust the timing of your life.  There just may be a reason/place/plan for all of it.