"Grow Yourself Complete"


It is a beautiful spring day outside today.  The sky is blue with puffs of fluffy white clouds hanging out.  There is just enough breeze to know that it is present but not to make anything uncomfortable like hair blowing in my face (that is better for in the car with the windows down driving).  The sun is nice and warm as March seems to be the time that the sun gets more brilliant here in South Florida, USA.

I just came in from walking the dogs.  Little Bear has turned more into a stroll (in a stroller) than a walk.  Tiffany likes to tell me exactly where to go.  My experience in walking little dogs is not that I am really walking.  My Durby dog (Aussie) would be a long and constant walk.   These little ones (most likely the way I trained them as we didn’t walk the first 8 years of their life because of their big backyard) gander, stroll and smell.   Whenever Tiffany sees a person and/or a dog, she thinks they are coming to see her and she either tries her hardest to pull me to go over to them or plants herself down waiting for the new acquaintances to come over to us.   She is quiet the hoot.

I am very fortunate as our walk is full of plants, shrubbery, colorful flowers, water fountains and palm trees.   Every single day I enjoy the beauty of it.  I am thankful for it.  I know gratitude.  I love nature and mother nature.  Both make me feel very happy, satisfied and in awe.

My 25 year anniversary is coming up soon and this is cause for a real celebration!  I am honored to be blessed with an everlasting relationship and one that gives me strength to love from everything that I am; everything that I know; everything that I feel.  My husband has challenged me like no other.  He has brought me joy like no other.  We have known each other for 31 years exclusively.  Man, I am old…

It is amazing how I can feel like I am still in my 20s, at times, and, in reality, be in my 50s.  How does this happen.  It feels like overnight and we all know it is not.

There is certainly a lot of unknown ‘presents’ in aging and becoming mature.  It is like a secret boxful of occurrences, strength, blessings and what the hecks.  I envision my older age to be one of my best.

I envision no doctors, good health and happiness and friendships; new things, new adventures and LOVE; lots of love with everything I encounter.

I’ve had enough doctors and unsavory health.  There are octogenarians that are very strong and vibrant.  I do think it can be a choice.  I do believe that without choosing that and believing aging is for sitting in the rocker waiting on things to come to us, that these beliefs (whatever we believe), mostly come to fruition.  So, with the belief of strength and passion, there is a chance.

May you believe yourself into a beautiful future.  Be certain to enjoy the present as you do so.

All we do have is now; this moment.   And, I hope that in this moment right here, you are okeydoke.  You are surviving and even thriving.  In this moment, as you sit here reading this – you are okay.

You may hurt or have troubles or both and, yet, in this moment you are okay.  You are handling it.

May you allow the beauty, and the belief in the beauty of life, intrigue your world.