"Grow Yourself Complete"


I would like to offer that where you are in this very moment, as you are here reading these words – you are okay.   Not in the moment previous to this.  Perhaps, not in the moment that comes after.

But, right now, right here, in this breath, you are okay.

I seem to be feeling only this.  When I look or ‘feel’ into the past – even the past breath(s), I do not find much comfort just now.  When I think about what is coming up and my future breath(s), I do not feel peace and knowing.

However, in this breath, right now, I know that I am okay and all is well and all is as it is for my greatest and highest good in the totality of my living life.

And, this is enough for me; right now, today.

All is enough coming from this place that I am right now.  It may not be as I thought it would.  It may not feel as I wished it would.  It may not ‘breathe’ as I envisioned…. And, it is and I am all okay.

May you know that right now in this second, whatever you are feeling and/or doing, you are okay.  This moment you are living, breathing and surviving.   You may be in thrive mode.  You may not.  You are in okay mode because you are here.

No matter what, your survival record (thus far) is 100%.  It will continue to be so until it is not…. and this just may make everything okay.

I wish you okay and beyond…

May you allow okay and beyond to be yours…