"Grow Yourself Complete"

Be in Love

It is sometimes easier to notice what we don’t like in life; what doesn’t feel right in life; what part of our body hurts or wants attention through pain.   It is sometimes easier to know this than what feels glorious in/to us.

May I offer to, perhaps, choose to see what you love.  What is beautiful to you…  What you are grateful for…  What feels good in your body…

Maybe, train our minds to focus on what is working and let this grow…  what is bringing us joy and swim in this…  what does feel good and feel gratitude for this.

Check in with yourself, perhaps, and watch where you see your mind focus; what thoughts are more prevalent; what feels best on you.

I think as we do this, we build ourselves; we expand.  We strengthen our cells, our organs, and our bodies.  We feel joy, pleasure, contentment and unison with what is.  It is so much easier to accept happiness than it is many other emotions.

Just what if they are all ‘just’ emotions.  Happiness, sadness, peace and unrest…  What if these are all just feelings of the human being that we are.  What if we just accept them all.  Live true in them.  Let our own self-love lead us to and through them all.

May you let yourself experience what you are feeling right now in this moment.  Do not label it.  Do not resist it.  Just breathe and feel it.  Let it pass through.  Let it breathe with your breath.

Talk to it if you choose.  Write about it.  Cry it out.  Dance it out.   Laugh through it.   Move through it.  Whatever comes up for you to do from the gentlest place within you.  Let it.   Do it.  Be it.

Feelings of ours just may lead us to exactly where we are supposed to be.  Just what if we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  We can’t stay here forever.  Change is inevitable.  Accept it as best you can.  There are supposed to be things that are much easier to accept than others, perhaps, simply because this is how things are.

Yes, we like certain things way more than others.  We invite and allow certain feelings.  Just what if we let our true self experience what is present for us and move on, forward and through from here.

May you believe in yourself.   Believe in what you feel.  Believe in processing through as best you can.  Believe that on the other side of what you may be trying to dismiss or ignore, is the life that creates and allows you freedom to be you… in all the humanness that is you; whatever it is that shows up to you.  Feel the wonderful and the [what feels like] impossible.

May you let the freedom to be you live.

Perhaps, this is what we are here to learn, live, accept and experience.  Through your truest of self – live.