"Grow Yourself Complete"

Be Here Now

It really is beautiful deep down from whence we come.   There really is a fortuitous well of knowledge and connection.

The spirit of the human body is so light and connected.  It is our human body and mind that is heavy and holds on to the past and wonders about the future.  The spirit just responds to the moment.

Is it the mind that pulls us down or is it the pain body…  Which comes first…  Does it alter…

I tell myself this is where we are all supposed to be; for now (or we wouldn’t be here).  There is still a lesson or a connection that still needs to be made.  There is a spark or a sprout that will come out of this.

I know I am okay even when I don’t feel so.  I know this is me living my life as it presents itself to me today.  I know this is you living your life as it is presented to you today.

“BE” where you are at…  Experience what is “HERE” in front of you…  Participate in the wholeness of your “NOW”.


May you love yourself through.  When you feel your mind wander away from the gift of the present, may you repeat these three words [if it feels right for you]…  Be Here Now.  Be Here Now.  Be Here Now.  Be Here Now.  — I accept and bring my truth to what is…

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