"Grow Yourself Complete"


You may have thoughts, issues and feelings in many ‘baskets’ just now.  You may be feeling like a basket-case!   You are not alone.

There is so much change and challenge going on inside of myself and around me.

We, perhaps, are all settling into a new and (I hope) better way of life.  A more true way to be.

Many are calling it ‘The Shift’, ‘The Awakening’, ‘The Change’, ‘The New World’.

Many say that there has been nothing this drastic or demanding ever in the history of mankind.  The totality of everything and everyone is being challenged, tested, changed and [perhaps, forced to be] honored.  Our world is the smallest it has ever been which makes our challenge in unity the greatest it has ever been.

There is no where left to hide.  The elephant in the room is very present and persistent.  The pain that we may have ignored, numbed ourselves from, pretended it wasn’t present, buried deep within, is loud and persistent.  It is demanding attention.  It is demanding change.

While this doesn’t always feel good within or without, it just may be the best time ever to grow into everything that you are and everything that you want to be.

Perhaps, as life feels like it is falling apart, it really is falling together.

I need to believe this.  It feels true to me.

We all have love, beauty and life within us.  It is time to share your uniqueness; your story.  It is time to move on from it and live the you that you are now into the you that you are going to be; that you want to be; that you were born to be.

The best way to do this is to breathe.  Breathe, connect and be.  Sit with what is.  Feel what is.  Process what is.   Allow it to flow through you and out of you.

Allow the energy that is you to be celebrated and enhanced.  Perhaps, think expansion, openness and allowance.

May you let the you that is inside of you breathe out into the you that you will carry forward onto your best and most engaging path, process, truth and into all of your tomorrow(s).