"Grow Yourself Complete"

Barre Spirit

I went to a “Pure Barre’ class with my daughter yesterday and it was quite fun.  My body was very happy to move!  There were a few moves that were impossible for me and the rest of the class was doable.

Today, I wake up to body parts that I forgot I had!  lol

We are in the Christmas Spirit and I feel balanced somewhat to be getting things done and not overdoing it.  I’m aware of same anyway!

During this Christmas season, if you like a traditional holiday, may you give it to yourself.  May you create it for yourself through what you feel, how you’re life presents itself to you and with love and gentleness of the true Christmas Spirit.

You are in control of you…  May you stay aware of the answer to the questions:  What is my goal in this moment?  Am I breathing?  Am I treating myself the way I want to treat myself?  Am I doing this in the most beneficial way to allow peace, ease and joy into my life which, in turns, opens the same ‘doors’ for everyone you encounter.

May you bring your truth and love into the true Christmas Spirit that creates ‘happy’ on, in and around you.