"Grow Yourself Complete"

Ballad of Life

There are currently many ‘things’ surrounding me just now.  Knee replacements, falls that create bones to break, traveling, new jobs, new locations, births, what ifs, wishes and dreams.

This is a time that feels like it could be called the ballad of life; the ballad of living.

We are all mere mortals.  We live.  We know change.  We know surprises.  We know wonder.  We know amazement.

We are all experiencing life.

Are we becoming more aware that this is what we are doing…  Are many of us questioning if this, in fact, is the way we wish to experience life.

How can we open to each experience and be fulfilled… How can we dream and let the fun and wonderful dreams become a reality…

How do we deal with the surprises that we are not too fond of but that we know we must face in one way or another…

I think the best way is through our own truth from deep inside our own inner knowing and our own ‘being’.

As we project what we feel, think, know, experience into each experience, do we open up for truth of same to fulfill us; to set us free…  Do we dare and find courage in believing this is so…

This morning I offered ‘peace, love and light to you, your loved ones and our world’ on my social media pages.  Peace, love and light feel good to me.  They feel like they offer me contentment; fulfillment.

Peace within, love emanating and light to light up what really is and to let things feel light (as much as possible) even at life’s heaviest times.

For now, in this moment, we are all survivors.  We have survived everything that life has thrown at us and we are still experiencing life.  These are pretty great odds.  100% of everything we have experienced we have survived and, most likely, have grown from.  We survive, we thrive, we grow, we experience.  When we do it from peace, love and light it feels much better than living from fear, worry and darkness.

May you grab on to your courage, open your heart and your mind, carry your true loving self into everything that you do from here on out; as much as possible and as often as possible.

May you let peace, love and light guide you, carry you, embrace you and come through you.

You are the fulfillment you are looking for.  Let YOU be as you are while connecting to the peace, love and light within you.

Shine YOU on.

May you let the ballad of your life be true to what you feel and know from inside of you.  May you let the inside of you match what you show on the outside of you.

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