"Grow Yourself Complete"


I am learning that balance always finds its way into our lives.  While balance on a day to day basis cannot always be achieved, I do think it finds its way into our lives – especially the big picture of our lives.

Balance.  In the overall picture of our lives, balance happens naturally.  We know darkness; we know joy.  We know challenge; we know ease.  We know pain; we know beauty.

We, as humans, are here to experience it all.  Journey through, in, and on.

May you notice the balance in your life either from day to day or in your life’s entirety, thus far.

May you know and believe that a fulfilling balance finds its way into your life.

If you are on an upswing, may you enjoy every breath and know gratitude for same.

If you are, perhaps, down and out, may you believe that this too shall pass and you will know the opposite of what you are feeling and experiencing now.

If your life feels balanced just now, may you live in the calm of it.

Life, perhaps, is about its entire journey.

May you journey [through today] in whatever manner gives you the most fulfillment from peace within.