"Grow Yourself Complete"

Around the World; Can You Feel It

Our world is changing.  The people of our world are changing.  We are in change.  We are not what we were.  We are not who we will be.  We are being called to ‘wake up’ and feel.  We are being called to ‘wake up’ and know that we are breathing.

We are being called to ‘wake up’ and connect to the depth of our self and within and without the depth of one another.

This is no easy task.  This takes (possibly) great change [or is it just owning who we are fully] within each one of us.  This takes awareness, empathy, understanding and open mind along with an open heart.

It is in me.  It is in you.  It is you.  It is me.

How exciting.  How scary.  How strange.  How the flow is just here to tap into.

Are you feeling it….

May you allow yourself to tap into the greatest part of you and allow what is to flow through you and allow yourself to flow out from every cell in your body to share the most real you that you know.

Yikes.  Woo hoo.  Oh no.  Oh yes.  How exciting that we are all here together at this time to create and live in this moment of unlimited possibilities.

I want to thank the following countries for ‘visiting’ me recently.  I want to wish you all easy connection to your ability to tap into your self and the love, light and ‘knowing’ that is you.  You are needed.  You matter.  You are enough.  Thank you for being you.

Russia; United States; France; Romania; Germany; Nigeria; China; United Kingdom; Turkey

May we all unite within and without.  Namaste’