"Grow Yourself Complete"

April 25, 2016

Today I find myself between my 25th wedding anniversary and my 56th birthday celebration!

I was married in Hawaii 25 years ago and stayed there for 3 weeks.  It was a wonderful, beautiful, spectacular and loving time.  There was a double rainbow at our ceremony on the beach at sunset.  We did whale watching, hiking the Napali Coast, snorkeling, helicopter rides and walked a dormant volcano.   It was heaven on Earth and something that I will always be grateful for and elated to know such peace, joy, love and fabulousness within because of everything we created and allowed without.

I have known my husband for 31 years.  He and I have been exclusive for this long.  Man, who would have ‘thunk’ it.  And, live it.. I have.   I am so blessed.

With my birthday coming up – there was a time (for many years) that I didn’t think I would reach my 25th birthday.  Now I am heading towards my 56th.  Miracles happen every day.

Life.  We live it.   We bring our true self to each situation with open heart and open mind.  In this, we, perhaps, can know fulfillment, satisfaction and living.

I wish this for you.  I wish everything that you can dream within – I wish it for you without.

To live your life.

To bring your true self to each situation with an open heart and open mind.  By doing this, may you know fulfillment, satisfaction and living happily in this moment and and living fulfilled in as many moments from this very one to all the ones that open up for you to experience going forward.

You and your life matter.  You and your life are right here, right now waiting for you to jump in; participate.

May you participate in each moment, through each breath.  From your innate knowing; your innate self – reach, create and allow on.  Live YOU.