"Grow Yourself Complete"

Another Day

As I start my day, I realize that

The summer season is soon going to be in full force here which means hot, muggy days and daily rains.  It is a nice change from sunshine and somewhat dry earth.  I find it somewhat exciting to see if I can make it out and about before and between the rains.  One never knows when the rain will fall.

I guess I could choose to look at life this way.  Exciting.  Never knowing what is coming next, yet knowing change is inevitable.  In this change, as I stay true and trusting, I find my best way.  I live my best life.  I am going to ‘run’ with this and see how it feels on me.  It already feels good.  Hmm.

I am still staying in bed late into the morning.  I lay there relaxed with my animals and think of it as my healing time.  I have to say it feels good when I don’t let my mind play the game of ‘it is not normal’.  For me, for now; this is my new normal and it feels like such a gift I am giving myself.

I pick up my IPAD and do my ‘work’ on it.  I offer up my thoughts on social media and I see and read others.  It can be quite addicting at times.  Other times, I choose to read a book.  There are a few mornings when I lay looking out at the palm trees dancing and the bird’s visiting the birdfeeder.  I am grateful my dogs seem to enjoy this time as well.  Even the cat gets in on it at times.  It is truly lovely for my soul.

May you know (listen) to what is truly lovely for your soul and give yourself permission to do it.