"Grow Yourself Complete"

Another Day

Today is another day to live your most fulfilled life; which is your most fulfilled self.

Only you can choose it.  Only you can do it.  Only you can fulfill your own life.

People come and go.   People touch us positively and not so positively.

How is it that one person can say or offer the same thing to two different people and each person feel, respond and connect to same differently.

It is so because it is not as much as what is being said, done or offered, it is how it is responded to.

May you be kind, tender and loving to yourself through gentleness, truth, understanding and belief that you have everything you need to be fulfilled.  Right now, right here, right as you are.

Choose it.

There may be sadness in your heart, anger in your being, frustrating thoughts in your mind and still; just maybe, you can be fulfilled.

It is easy to feel fulfilled when we are happy,  in sync and doing what we love without doubt of any kind.

And, by being your true open self; by bringing the truth of what you feel and experience and by living deeply in it, from the most loving place that you have in each moment, you can create, know and live in fulfillment.

May you choose fulfillment.

Perhaps, stop fighting what you don’t like.  Open up and feel from the most loving and supportive place inside of you.  Allow tenderness.